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Love ya guys! <3


Commission: Sisters
Commission on GaiaOnline that I really liked how it turned out. owo
Pokeren: Dante

Dante Divito
Age: 27
Pokemon: Houndoom
Ability:Flash Fire
T.O.R:City of Selene
Job Class: Empath

History: An exceptionally strong Empath at birth, Dante used to be reclusive, his times spent alone at the most quiet places he could find, which was relatively easy with his noble lineage. As a child he could barely stand the presence of more than a couple of people, his own feelings synchronizing too easily with others, and by the time he grew into an adolescent, his older brother –being his legal guardian at the time, decided to lock a part of his powers away with tattoos.

At first they helped, and in that period of time, Dante began growing more social. But after having gotten a taste of this, his powers grew stronger still, condemning him once more to a life of solitude. He began growing resentful, hateful and wanted nothing more than the whole world to burn around him.

In this anger he found the determination and the solution he needed to finally work around his powers, knowing how to rile himself up every time he had issues with his own Empathy. He took this as a life lesson, going against traditional values of Empathy.

Rather than trying to work in ways that soothe people, Dante began specializing in more negative emotions, under the belief that happiness leads to temporary complacency, anger to constant action. 

This philosophy paid off for him, as he feels more content than ever before.

Nature: Rash

Personality: Teasing, mischievous, secretly charitable, calculating, lustful


Likes: Books, breakfast, foxes (<3), good plays, silence, urban neighbourhoods, booze

Dislikes: Pets, cats especially, water (can’t swim), fish dishes, nature, people mentioning how short he is


-Nasty Plot




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